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In 2014 one in nine people were

suffering from chronic malnutrition

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The joy of simple things



There is much hope and inspiration to be gained by discovering what others have managed to achieve. What follows is a postcard view of some really kick ass projects that are saving lives and improving living conditions for those most in need.

Regrettably the list is too short and therefore denies many other equally worthy initiatives a similar voice.

The Bear Grylls Experience

The Bear Grylls Experience 1

By empowering our youth with the belief that change IS possible. We can nurture generations of change and build a better world. Learning to be self reliant is an important step in the empowerment process. Whether it be in the slums of Mexico City or the remote Montana plains. Knowing you have the ability to(…)

Americorps Youth Outdoors

Americorps Youth Outdoors 0

  Youth Outdoors AmeriCorps members lead crews of Minneapolis and Saint Paul youth in environmental education and local community service projects. The program focuses on empowering our youth, their development of a community spirit and job training, with environmental conservation as the learning vehicle. Even the construction of something so humble as a kerbside community(…)

We Care Solar

We Care Solar 0

Co-founded by Dr. Laura Stachel and her husband Hal. We Care Solar makes solar Suitcases for off-grid and remote area hospitals and in particular the maternity ward. Without reliable electricity hospital procedures at night must either be cancelled or performed with torch or candle light. Not exactly a proven method for success.. And on that(…)


Edesia 1

Right now around 795 million people world wide are malnourished. They simply do not have enough food to sustain a normal healthy life. Like you and I lead. Malnutrition is particular insidious for young people under 5. Being the main culprit in over three million infant deaths each year. Although the overall problem may be(…)