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In 2014 one in nine people were

suffering from chronic malnutrition

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The joy of simple things


Empower For Change Blog

It is important to share our ideas. To combine our own respective skills and abilities. Community spirit and collective thinking are crucial to enable change. Here lies a collection of thoughts and ideas. Let the discussion begin. Please feel free to comment folks. We really need to talk this out.

Invisible deserts and visible diversity

Invisible deserts and visible diversity 0

When I was a child I lived near a large pond which backed onto a wood. In spring the pond would fill with frog spawn. I remember waiting till the tadpoles emerged out of the gelatinous mass of spawn and catching a few up in a large jar. I’d endeavour to recreate the pond ecosystem(…)

Educating for the steady state economy

Educating for the steady state economy 0

A recent discussion on growth prompted me to reflect on how you educate for a steady state economy- a question further considered in a meeting convened by CASSE  in Manchester, 20th November. I draw on aspects of that thinking here. This question also throws light on many a conversation I have had over the years. It(…)

Green spaces and the ‘good’ citizen

Green spaces and the ‘good’ citizen 0

  I would like to talk about the role of imagination and curiosity in helping us care about the World we pass on to future generations. The notion of imagined futures was discussed, among others, by Tone Huse of the University of Tromsø, Norway, at the annual conference of the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural(…)